Thaw Brawl Night 2 Cancelled

Saturdays March 25th Thaw Brawl has been won by mother nature. We as a staff have always stated we will do all we possibly can to race. Evident of last night’s great show, however with all that being said, and taking in all the circumstances of the overnight rains the obvious of more rain headed our way and the feedback that I am receiving has left us to no other decision but to cancel tonight’s March 25th events. We also do not plan to reschedule this event for tomorrow March 26th or any other foreseeable date. If you have bought advanced tickets for tonight events you can receive a complete refund or use your purchase towards credit towards any of the other Sixteens Race Promotions events scheduled for the 2017 season. For more information regarding advanced tickets sales please email us at Once again I cannot thank everyone enough for the support they have shown us and hope that everyone tries to do their best to respect the decisions that have been made by us the racing family as a whole.
Thank You
Tony Izzo Jr. and the Sixteens Racing Promotion Staff