Thaw Brawl 2015

I know it is only the end of July, but with the recent announcement of the 2015 Illini 100 to take place the last weekend in March, which for the last 3 years has been the Thaw Brawl weekend, I felt that it was necessary to secure the next best available date that we felt would work best for the fans and drivers. The date that we have come up with for the 2015 Thaw Brawl will be April 3 & 4, with the fourth running of the Thaw Brawl paying $20,000 to win. Once again I know it is only the end of July, and I cannot believe we are already discussing and posting dates for 2015. I felt pretty secure that the last weekend in March was going to be the Thaw Brawl for years to come, evidently I was wrong and hope all of you fans and racers can support the 2015 Thaw Brawl.