March 23

LaSalle Speedway has cancelled the practice that was scheduled for this Sunday, March 23rd
to focus their efforts on the preparation for next weekends third annual Thaw Brawl on March 27th, 28th, and 29th. All intentions and plans are to do all we can to have the Thaw Brawl, so once again we felt it would be better to keep working towards that plan. We are optimistic that if we can get some sun and wind this weekend and all goes well, we will be right on schedule. However, if weather does not help over the next several days, we will be left with a decision to be made on the race, and that decision will come at the earliest possible point that we feel we will be left with no other decision but to cancel the event. We will not make anyone play the waiting game if at anytime we don’t feel this will happen for what ever reason, you the fans and racers will be first to know.